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OT: Drew Henson headed to Texans?


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The Yankees are clearly ready to part ways with Henson, and it appears likely that, this winter, they'll sit down with Henson and his agent Casey Close and try to work out a buyout on the remaining $12 million they owe him. One competing agent suggested that the two sides work out a deal by which the more money Henson makes playing football, the less the Yankees would pay him. The Houston Texans selected Henson in the 2003 NFL draft

That was the big sticking point for any team (including the Texicans) who wanted to have this guy play for them. They would have had to buy out his Yankee contract.

Once that gets done, expect Houston to put him on the auction block.

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From NFL.com:

Negatives: Tends to lock onto his primary receivers too much … Looks too long at his primary targets, taking unnecessary punishment when the pocket collapses, rather than throwing the ball out of bounds to prevent a turnover … Needs to improve his timing patterns to prevent receivers from having to adjust and turn constantly on routes … Will need a little refinement in his delivery, as he does not open and close his shoulders quickly … Overthrows at times on fades and post patterns …

A slower Rob Johnson?

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