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Attn: LA-area Skins fans


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I was at a cool sports bar last night in Pasadena, the Crown City Brewery which is located at the corner of Raymond and Del Mar near Old Town.

It's a great set up known for its unbelievable selection of literally hundreds of beers. They're going to expand to all kinds liquor this fall. On Sundays, they open at 10 and they serve all kinds of brunch selections. It was my first trip there, but if their buffalo wings are any indication, the food is above average bar food.

I asked them whether they could accommodate a group of Skins fans every Sunday for games by putting us into a specific spot and ensuring that that game was always televised. The guy I spoke to said yes, they could.

I think if we ensured that a minimum number of people showed up every Sunday - I have at least 10 in mind but that's of course negotiable - we could probably work it so that we got some discounts on our food and beverages. I need to get some commitments on that though.

Who's interested in hanging out on a consistent basis at a cool bar with fellow Redskins/Extremeskins fans - in official garb of course! - at Crown City Brewery?

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BTW- keep in mind that any of your friends or family are welcome with us there, even if they are not Redskins fans. The point is getting as many people there as possible, with a core group of Redskins fans. The more the merrier.

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redman -

Right now that's like two blocks from my apartment. Problem is I'm about to move to westwood, making it a heck of a drive to get to pasadena.

So I have to say maybe for now. If I can get directv in my new apartment I think that is going to win out. IF I can't get directv however, the drive becomes worth it. I'll let you know more later.

I should know about the directv on august 20th.


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I was there once a couple of years ago when I lived on the West Side. You're right, it's a good Redskins football place, although I thought the food was terrible. I also thought that that Redskins group had broken up or had moved to another location.

The problem is that it's a tad far for me, especially given that I anticipate consuming my share of adult beverages during games.

I'm really not interested in competing with them, just providing an alternative in another part of town. Where are you in the LA area sashae?

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