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What a Crock.


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First off I tried to search for to see if the JC topic had been discussed as far as letting him as a RFA in order to obtain draft picks. However, the search needs more work. Everytime I tried to use it it loaded a blank page. I thought I had a well thought out post. This is a forum and therefore should be used to read and review others personal feelings towards the redskins players, personel, and anything other redskins related.

If you want to nnt or whatever me go ahead. I broke no forum rules, unlike you posting profanity in the title I had. Thats right you hypocryte. People like you are part of the growing problem with the Redskins Nation. I am a hudge Redskins fans and have opinions and thoughts about the team just as anyone esle. When I try to express and well thought out idea about something the team should consider and receive feedback about it from my peers, you close the thread and add on to my title with some threat to nnt me.

Be my guest and do whatever you want with me ban me, anything you want. If this is not the place for people with opinions and fans of the skins please point me in the right direction.

Finally, sorry I posted this in this thread as it is most innapropriate, however, I put it here for others to read as hopefully they learn to be careful of their opinion as if it doesn't meet the standard of the overseers of this website they will try to belittle you down to an uneducated idiot.:point2sky

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