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Next week's games.....dates and times


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Any particular reason the Cowgirls should get 2 more days rest than the Cards? The Cards had that game today and have to play in 6 days while the Girls played on Saturday and have 8 days to get ready. Doesn't seem quite fair to me...........

The Cowboys went on 6 days rest this week. The Cards got an extra day because they played Sunday. Is that fair?

It's the NFL playoffs. Deal with it.

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Due to games being played on both Saturday and Sunday, there are teams that are going to have the short week in the first round......no real way around it.

I think what MintHillSkinsFan is trying to suggest is that there should be some way to have the Saturday winners in the WC round also play on Saturday in the div round, and the Sunday winners play on Sunday the next week.

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