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Shanahan unhired, Romeo Crennel hired.


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Gibbs is the only coach in NFL history to win 3 SBs with 3 different QBs. Name one other coach who's won another SB without the same QB. All you guys have against Shanahan is that he won 2 SBs with Elway, who also won zeor SBs without Shanahan.

Sorry, but after hearing the game plan for the SB against the Packers, it was complete genius and I'm very happy to have him as our HC, much more than pcking a guy from Belichicks line, where they are completely devoid of success. His entire line of former assistants haven't won a single playoff game as HCs combined.

George Siefert won 2 with 2 diiferent QB

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People should probably read this post :).

It was RIGHT to be euphoric with Gibbs returning, though a sober look would have revealed some trouble getting back into the swing. Shanahan will be in the swing fine, but there are reasons to think we won't be in the Bowl next year.

However, we have professional people in key positions. THAT is better than a few days ago. And we appear to have some VERY high level coaches willing to consider us. We could go from a weak staff to the best overnight. That will be beneficial, even if we can't compete at the highest levels.

A lot of us, probably nearly all of us, felt Gibbs absence for so long was going to be like getting on a Bike again. Maybe it should've been viewed as Roller Skates?

No doubt with a Real G.M. and Shanahan, candidates are definetly dropping their guards to consider coming here. Obviously were not winning the S.B. next year but it sure feels refreshing knowing the ship will be in the right direction!!!

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