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Rod Jones over keeping Sulfsted???


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Pounds listed for offensive lineman Rod Jones' weight, making him the Redskins' heaviest player. "

Someone explain to me why we kept this underachieving non working bum over a younger guy with little experience but filled in nicely for Chris Samuels in a pinch last year and gave up no sacks? I know Jones can play tackle and guard.....or used to before his career came to a halt in the burgundy and gold.....and isn't he making well over league mininum? I just don't see the positive of having him even with experience over Sulfsted??? Jones has been fat and hurt since he signed here......trim this fat before Big Daddy should have been the priority.

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I'd be all for cutting him if it would free up more money to pay Champ. Sulfsted could have been kept around even as an average backup. Fill in for a couple of games.

Rod Jones at 355 lbs??? That's a lot of weight to carry around, Tre had issues being very big and would always have injuries.

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