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Coaching Search - Interesting facts about SB Winning coaches


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All this Gruden vs Shahann talk in the air, lets take a reality check curtousy of history:


You'll notice something.

Not a single head coach on that list has won a super bowl with one team, and gone on to win a super bowl with another.

A few have made it back, only to lose (Holmgren, Parcells), and a few have lost one with a team to later win won with another (Shula, Vermeele).

Something to think about when deciding if you want Gurden, or Shahan, or Holgren, or Cowher, or whatever other 'big name' coach is out there.

if you're ultimate goal is to win a superbowl, and to build your team to do that, history shows that you're not very likely to make it back to the big game if your coach has already been there with another team, and even less likely to actually win it.

You can say 'well they had a shot', but lets be honest - the bottom line is they didn't win.

anyone else have any interesting facts about 'retreads'? We should make one big list :)

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