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Could Pro Football Talk.com be nearing colapse?


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I was checking out Pro Football Talk.com today, and at the top of their rumor page, what do I see but this interesting note:

(EDITOR'S NOTE: A year ago, we nearly converted to a pay-only service because, frankly, the site was becoming a money pit. In our ongoing quest to keep it free, we've hooked up with a group that has placed a bunch of different ads throughout our pages. If you like the site and you want to see it on your screen for a long time into the future, please click on the ads from time to time and take a look-see at the info.)

Right before the old SportsTalk.com was boiught out by ESPN and made into ESPN Insider about 2 years or so ago, a simlar note appeared on their site as well.

Now, if you all REALLY wanna see this site die, here is what you do: GO THERE AND DON'T OPEN ANY ADS!!!! The ad people will see the traffic on their site and see that their ads aren't being accessed from Pro Football Talk.com, and thus PULL THE ADS. And thus, with no ads, the site FAILS!!!!

And then the morons who write there can go back to their old jobs, such as the assistant to the assistant manager at McDonalds

:silly: :silly: :silly:

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