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Creating Mismatches?


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Why do the redskins never try to create mismatches? Here's a perfect example. JC found COoley pretty early in the game, and he broke at least one tackle that I saw on a very good run after the catch. Why do we never flex him out to the WR position and see how teams will try and play him? Indy does it with Clark, Dallas does it with Witten, yet we seem to keep Cooley in Tight, or bring him in motion to put his hand on the ground.

One might think blocking, but on several plays Sellars was in to block, and its not like Yoder and Davis can't block, am I the only one thinking this?

Are there any other kinds of mismatches that might work?

I Saw a nice pass to Portis when he was flexed out too today. Maybe there is more to the problem (OLINE), but it just seems we are so vanilla that we are way too easy to defend.

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