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Quick help with Powerpoint and YouTube


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ahhh, my google-fu is strong. just in case anyone is wondering, here are the steps:

To embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint 2007 follow these simple steps:

1. First turn on the Developer Tab on the Ribbon by clicking on the Microsoft logo at the top left of the window and selecting PowerPoint Options all the way at the bottom of the menu. Next put a check next to the unchecked item to show the Developer Tab

2. Go to YouTube and select a video to embed

3. Copy the URL

4. On the Developer menu choose "More Controls"

5. Select Shockwave Flash Object

6. Click and drag on the PowerPoint slide to add the Flash object

7. Right Click the object placeholder and select properties

8. Set the Movie property to the URL you copied

9. In the URL delete "watch?" and change the "=" sign to a ⁄

10. Adjust the options for Looping or AutoPlay if desired

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