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Sagarin's NFL Ratings - Week 2

Mark The Homer

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Although the Redskins won last week, their rank dropped from 15th to 18th because of their poor performance against the worst rated team in the league.

Elsewhere in our division, the New York Giants have moved up from 4th to the #1 spot.

The other two teams have moved down. The Eagles and Cowboys are 10th and 11th, respectively. Of the four NFC East teams, none have had an easier schedule than the Redskins.

The Lions are ranked 28th.

The Lions schedule difficulty to date is #1 in the league, meaning they've played the toughest schedule of any team. The Redskins schedule difficulty is #23.

The Redskins are favored by one point over the hapless Detroit Lions who are currently 0-19 going back to 2007.


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