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*** SOLD *** Chiefs vs. Redskins, Club Section 302, Orange Parking **CHEAP**


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He's offering these at less than what he paid.

Do you know that for sure Mark? Thanks to the Great TGC Club Relocation many on the Club Level only paid $108.90 for their tickets...the price of a LL seat.

And it has KILLED the resale market of Clubs even further. My only point is that anyone can claim that they paid anything, however many Clubs were sold for LL prices and can be had on Stubhub or other sites as such.

I will say that Sect 302 is most likely a Club Contract because most TGC Relos were to Corner and Endzone from what I was told. Either way, when the ticket office sells Clubs for $108.90...I'd be hot if I had signed a Club Level contract.

ps did i just make a point about the resale of tickets to mth? boy am I an idiot hahaha

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$200 per ticket for "Zone A" clubs, plus a free orange parking pass is a good deal IMO.

If the buyer wants to see my contract, I'll gladly show it.

To Mark and some of the other guys, thanks for setting the record straight that these tickets cost much more than what I'm asking for them.

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