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No coaching changes until after season


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I know some want Zorn gone now. Personally, I wouldn't have hired him in the first place and I wouldn't have brought him back this season.

Our early season play has show that the second half of last year was the true measure of this team.

Any coaching change now or at any point during the season means you have given up on the season.

While I don't really have the confidence with this team, I will still have that hope until I am proven otherwise. We are 1-1. Now if by the bye we are say 2-5 or 1-6 then you say the writing is on the wall.

As I've said a trillion times, I've always believe Zorn was nothing more than a caretaker coach until the person Snyder really want was available. Well, next season he has plenty of options.

Someone posted a poll in another thread and I think the guy thinks we fire Zorn and then we hire a new coach now. That has never happened and will never happen. You never hire a new coach during the season and no coach in the right mind would do that.

So, I will hope for my 10-6 prediction to come true though I will be resigned should the early season signs prove me wrong.

Let me say it one more time. ANY IN SEASON COACHING CHANGES, means you are WRITING OFF THE SEASON!

Well, at 1-1; you don't write off the season. At least see where we are at the bye.

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