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2 jerseys for sale


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I have Theismann and Portis jersey for sale. I bought the Theismann last year to go to the HOF game with. I wore it there and then once we beat the boys, but I put it away for the rest of the year. This jersey has all the letters sewn on as well as the numbers. Size L.

The Portis jersey is from the Reebok outlet. It's the cheaper model where the stripes are only on the outside of the sleeve and not all the way around. Would make a great jersey to play in or something to not get dirty in. Take care of your authentic one and use this instead. Size XL.

Theismann jersey was purchased from footlocker and Portis jersey from Reebok. These aren't rip off jersey's from China.

I'd like 50 for the Theismann and 25 for the Portis. I paid double for both so it's a great deal. Neither have been worn more than twice. I don't smoke. So, other than not having tags, these are brand new. I just look goofy in a jersey. Even my baseball jerseys look dumb on me.

Email me at red96formula AT hotmail.com or post here. Thanks!PICT1260.jpg


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I've never seen that before: where the sleeves don't go all the way around.

I call those JC Penny jerseys because I saw jerseys like that at JC Penny. Stripes half way around and no NFL shield. Also, the name on back is applied directly to the jersey, there is no nameplate. The retail list price was around $50 or so...

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