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How good the redskins defense could be right now...

redskins fan for life

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Wooooooooooooooow dude let it go.

I would love to still see Sean Taylor alive,not just as a fan moreso for his daughter.But he's gone. Dwelling on what the D would look like with him there is pointless. I prefer to think of him watching out for the team from up above:point2sky.

Go Skins:logo:

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First of all, we can't do anything about Sean. It sucks we lost him, but that wasn't our fault. We haven't exactly had a CB as good as Champ since then, but having CP has been great for us, no doubt about it. Lavar threw his own career away. We arguably have a better MLB in London Fletcher, so I do not miss Antonio Pierce. As for Ryan Clark, I miss him. I wish he had kept him over Arch Deluxe.

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