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NFL.COM: Rams at Redskins Preview Video (good clips from week 1 loss)


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I think Redskins nation, collectively, thought the exact same thing on that play. Anyone else notice that Campbell pep talk at the beginning of the game against the Rams last year? Wait, isn't he supposed to be without fire?

And they'll still say it.

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Zorn to Campbell after the interception

"Just get your yardage (running the ball instead of throwing)! I got a third down call! C'mon!"

Man that past the scrimmage interception was one bad play I'm sure he wish he could get back. Our o-line didn't look to bad against the giants. I hope they design alot more Campbell running plays. I swear, Campbell will get at least 4 to 6 yards per carry then when they assign a linebacker on him, it should open up more lanes.

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I did'nt get to watch the Rams - Seahawks game, but in that video I noticed that the defense looked different. The line is really spread out and looked like they were in a 3-4. I thought the Seahawks ran a 4-3 defense though. So I did a search and found this.


Some pretty interesting things to read about. I wonder if the Redskins will try to employ any of this since the Seahawks shut them out using it. I think it could be a great addition to our defense with our personal groupings.

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