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If NFLE folds, will the NFL align with Arena Football?

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agreed. Arena Football is as different from the NFL as college baseball is to the major leagues.

Canadian football would be a better partnering option if Arena is the only alternative.

The Redskins signed Mike Nelms from the CFL and of course JT spent 3 years in Toronto after being drafted by Miami.

Course he missed out on 2 Super Bowls with the Dolphins so maybe that wasn't such a great decision for him personally :)

although it was good in the long run for the Skins.

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The NFL Minor League is a nice concept. The CFL is too. I think Arena is too. Each would have its own benefit. The AFL would certainly help with QB/WR/DB development. I think it would have an advantage for a special teams type player as well. The Canadian game would be nice for lineman, running backs, kickers (the AFL would too), and the "athletic" quarterback. The NFL Minor league would benefit from team affiliation. Two four team conferences could consist of the NFC East team, NFC North, NFC South, and NFC West. Same for the AFC. Would that make for some interesting Sundays when these former teammates lined up as Redskins vs Eagles, or etc.?

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