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The "Good" and "Bad" of todays game!


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I think there were a few good things or rather players in todays game and the main person was London Fletcher. This dude gives %100 on every play. I don't see anyone else playing like this guy on the feild at all. If there was someone else I would say Chris Horton had a good game. He is in on a lot of tackles and in the backfeild alot to. Big Albert wasn't bad but he sure was gassed! Another good thing seems to be Randle El in the slot! Doesn't look like many people will be able to cover him in from the slot. Chris Cooley was solid also. The real surprise is the O-Line. They played great in pass protection considering how we thought they would be. Very happy with the O-Line.

The bad of this game was the defense! they bend entirely too much. You can't let teams drive the whole feild all game and be happy with a stop in the redzone. After a while you will wear out. They NEVER press receivers and that to me is a bad things. You have to make receivers change there game and routes. I don't like Gregg Blache's playcalling at all! Did Brian Orakpo ever line up at DE? Daneils was terrible on passing downs and they need a speed rusher on that edge but I didn't see that once today. I think Blache is taking Orakpo out of the game himself with leaving him at LB all game. Other teams won't have to worry about him if the Skins don't get more creative with him.

Were were Kelly and Thomas?

The team looked flat and not excited to be playing football again for the first time this year. It's only the first game but they need some changes.

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We had several good plays. Cooley got involved in the game. Randel el can play when he's in the right position.

Campbell throwing over the line of scrimmage was terrible, but as for the INT after that, take a look at the reason Moss was going out of bounds as Webster caught the ball. Webster hit him in the shoulder before the pass was there. It should have been pass interference.

Webster should have been thrown out of the game. He intentionally drove Moss to the ground after his helmet was off.

Did we run Portis off the right side ONCE the entire game?

For everyone who says the 2 minute offense isn't a big deal because the Giants weren't playing prevent the entire time. I say it shows JC has the quick release they don't think.

Our pass rush was middling, which is more than it was often last season.

Smoot was picked apart all game. Press the damn recievers. He was the worst of all of them about that.

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