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WFAA.com Soldiers scammed on Dallas Cowboys tickets


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DALLAS – More than 72,100 football fans attended last Saturday’s preseason game between the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers.

Frank Leahy, 25, and his buddy, Mike Wenzel, were among them - but only briefly.

"Unfortunately, all the tickets were sold out,” Leahy said.

Leahy, who recently returned from his second tour of duty in Iraq, found tickets on Craigslist.com. He and Wenzel drove up from Fort Hood and met the seller in person to examine the tickets and make the $100 purchase.

"He wanted face value for them,” Leahy said. “Just figured he was some guy who couldn't make it to the game. So, he agreed to meet us at the Wal-Mart in Irving."

They were E-tickets purchased from Ticketmaster and looked legitimate, Leahy said. They were apparently issued to someone named “Amar Ali,” whose name was on the ticket.

It was supposed to be Leahy’s first Cowboys game ever.

"We got into the game,” he said. “We scanned into the game, so these tickets were obviously real."

The problem arose when Leahy and Wenzel got to their seats in Section 127. There were people already sitting in their seats.

Turns out, the man who sold the tickets, known only as "Mark," apparently sold duplicates to six others. When an usher was told what happened, the Cowboys revoked the tickets as counterfeits and kicked all eight out.

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I guess the lesson here is be careful on Craigslist. You gotta ask yourself, though, how do multiple tickets for the same seats scan through? Shouldn't the system pick up that it had already scanned for a particular seat?

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Yep, Snyder is the only one who cares about the money aspect of football.

If your sarcasm is supposed to imply that we're supposed to feel better about Dan Snyder's recent publicity because there's a dude named "Amar Ali" ripping people off.... Umm.

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