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How will penalties affect our Defense?


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Something I noticed last night that I think may take a toll on opposing offenses is their holding of our D-Line as well as false starts. From the little bit of playing time AH had I noticed he was held pretty much every down. Some plays I couldn't see his number since his jersey was stretched from being held so badly.

Also, false starts.. With the offensive line being jumpy over AH already, you have Orakpo making matters worse by moving all over.

You guys see a lot of free yardage coming for us??

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Holy **** did Big Al and Rak get held almost every down. I was livid. Those dudes are beasts and no OL is going to stop them :evilg:

Agreed.....there was one OBVIOUS one on Haynesworth that wasnt called. From what I see, Orakpo is getting held EVERY single play.....its not right.....and it better be called during the season.

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