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Tony Romo In NYC, Getting Ready For Tiger


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Tony Romo sits to pee is in New York for a function involving the Starlight Foundation at new Yankee Stadium.

Romo sits to pee is taking a 10-year-old boy, Ben, who has leukemia, to batting practice to fulfill his wish of meeting the Cowboys quarterback as well as some Yankees. Romo sits to pee joked he would have a football with him to play catch with Ben, but not a baseball.

"Most of the time I think I'm unimportant in a lot of ways so when you feel like you can influence someone and allow them to be happier, that really hits home," said Romo sits to pee, who is in the process of setting up his foundation. "I think that's one area that many of us, myself included, who are in a position in the public eye need to help out more."

Wednesday morning Romo sits to pee will golf with Tiger Woods at Earl Woods Pro-Am prior to the AT&T National at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Md. Woods serves as the tournament's host.

Romo sits to pee said he will use the time to talk to Woods about more than just a golf swing.

"I love talking to individuals who have success in their field," Romo sits to pee said. "Obviously he's done that so it'll be a very enjoyable experience for me to figure out the way he thinks and some of the things he focuses on to improve as a player and continue to grow and get better.

"I've always felt golf for me allows me to work on the mental side, being in a competitive situation. People are kidding themselves if they don't think you can improve in football if you play other sports. You put yourself in a competitive environment where you're not sure you'll have success or fail, the more times you do that it's a benefit. The more times you trust your instincts or trust your preparation it can only help."

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