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Half Season Tickets for Sale - All NFC East


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My wife and I just found out that we have a little one on the way. Good news and bad news, I guess, because as a result I have decided to sell half of my season tickets (with Green Parking) for this season. The buyer will get one preseason and four regular season games with parking for each game. My two seats are in Section 448 Row 19 on the aisle. We have requested an upgrade, but have not heard anything yet so we are not holding our breath.

I am selling tickets for 50% of my cost or $893. In order to sweeten the pot, I am including all NFC East games as part of the buyer’s tickets.


Sat 8/22


7:30 pm

Regular Season

Mon 10/26


8:30 pm

Sun 12/6

New Orleans

1:00 pm

Mon 12/21

NY Giants

8:30 pm

Sun 12/27


8:20 pm

I am not interest in selling individual games so please do not ask. If you are interested splitting the tickets, please send me a PM. I will require a good faith deposit up front with the remainder due when the tickets are delivered, but will work out the details with the buyer.

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Anyway I can buy the St. Louis tickets off of you? I created a thread specifically regarding the game, but perhaps this is an easier route to take.

I know you said that you are not interested in selling individual tickets . . . but because nobody has taken you up on your offer, I figured you may be able to change your original request.

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The tickets are still available and I'd prefer to sell them here to a Skins fan.

However, I have also listed the individual game tickets on StubHub (but the prices are higher because of the 15% Stubhub fee and to subsidize the cost of the pre-season game) - if someone here buys an individual game off of stubhub - please send me a PM and I will include the parking pass as part of the Stubhub deal.

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