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Nationals Park seating


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I realize there is a Washington Baseball forum, but there are no users in there and I'm not sure how much traffic it sees. I had a quick question about seating at Nationals Park and was wondering if anyone could help. Is it possible to buy cheap tickets like at RFK and move down? I went to one game at the new stadium last year, but I had really good seats, so I have no idea what the other seating is like. I'm going tonight, and I'm guessing it won't be super crowded, so I was curious.

Any info would be appreciated.

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Apparently, even during the rained out still played fiasco which drew 5000 fans, they still weren't letting people move down.

Really? Wow. What are the best cheap seats then? Isn't there a bar you can pay like $20 to go to and stand the whole time?

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