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Street Thief - on the Bio channel. Anyone see this?

Mad Mike

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It's crazy. It's a psudo documentary film following a thief around as he's casing places and breaking in. It's so realistic, I was convinced it was real until I looked it up. Still, it's pretty freekin cool.


Who is Kaspar Carr? Immerse yourself in his life with this exquisitely accurate depiction of the days and nights of Chicago's most prolific and elusive burglar.

This compelling film blurs the line between documentary and fiction.

A new presentation from A&E IndieFilms, the home of Murderball and Jesus Camp.

This DVD contains contains strong language, explicit and/or frequent use of profanity.

Click here for the edited version, previously seen on A&E (with the strong language edited out).

It takes a thief to film a thief.

Far from the glitzy, improbable world of Ocean's 11 -- where security can be cracked with a smirk or an outlandish gizmo - workaday thieves ply their trade in the real world with cunning and ingenuity. One of these crooks, Kaspar Carr, invites you into his world as he goes about his disreputable routine. Follow him as he taps phones, cases stores, cracks safes, and robs groceries, gas stations and loading docks.

This groundbreaking movie from A&E IndieFilms immerses you in the authentic criminal world of Chicago. Drawn from the experiences of its director, Malik Bader, the riveting action and even the main character are fictitious, but the truth of his life is very real. Filmed in gripping verite style, you won't know what to believe, but there is no doubt you'll be captivated.

Spend some time on the wrong side of the law with the STREET THIEF, Kaspar Carr.

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