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Leroy Hill a Free Agent-Seattle Pulls Franchise Tag


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We need to make a move on him quickly. Get him signed toa long term deal and we should be good to go with only O'line to focus on.

RENTON, Wash. -- The Seahawks withdrew the franchise designation from linebacker Leroy Hill after drafting Wake Forest's Aaron Curry with the fourth overall choice.

The move, confirmed by the team, makes Hill a free agent. The one-year, $8.3 million franchise offer no longer exists.

Hill, a third-round choice in 2005, had refused to sign the offer while attempting to negotiate a lucrative long-term deal. He skipped voluntary minicamp practices recently.

Mike Sando covers the NFC West for ESPN.com.

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Sigh. What could have been.

"Hmmm. Let's see here. News is definitely older than 10 minutes. Better check the first two pages to see if there is a thread about this already. "

(Scrolls down 1st page).


"Damn there's a bunch about the draft and Orakpo......Still talking about Sanchez? :doh: Who the hell is Kevin Barnes?"

Ah. There it is. Nevermind.


"Hmmm. Didn't see it. Let's see here. Oh yeah. Search. *Click*. Okay. (Type type). Hill. Titles only. *click*. Drop down menu.......*click* Since Yesterday. *click. Search only The Stadium.....better uncheck that Search all Child forums box.....*click*....okay...search now. *click*

Whoa. And merged already even. Nevermind. Not that important for me to be starting the thread anyway. Let's see what folks are saying *Read read*.

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