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Quick pass to Gardner for TD after turnover Skins 7-0

Skins get ball back after a decent giant drive that is stopped by the defense.

Punt to Metcalf downed at one but replay and refs say touchback

Skins first and 10 at 20

1. S Davis run up the gut for three yards while the giants blitzed

2. 2nd and 7 False start #86 Rasby

3. 2nd and 12 S Davis runs offtackle right for 10 yds while giants were in a blitz

4. 3rd and 2 timeout Skins

5. dink and dunk incomplete

6.punt returned to giants 40

7 Lavar offsides 2nd and 5

8 Barber stopped by Lavar for non gain

9 Pass incomplete

10 punt to Eric Metcalf returned for 88 Yards TOUCHDOWN!!!!

Skins 14 Giants 0

Kickoff Dixon returns to 23 yd line

1st and 10

1. 8 yd pass to Toomer on comebacker against D Green

2 Dayne stopped by B Smith and Mitchell for minimal gain

3 3rd and 1 Dayne up the gut 1st down barely

4 Pass to Jurevicious incomplete ball knocked down by Bailey

5 2nd and 10 Barber on draw play for 6 yds stopped by B Smith

6 3rd and 4 at 39 In shotgun pass to Hilliard incomplete blitz had him rush the pass

7 punt angled out of bounds at the skins 28

Skins 27 1st and 10

1 S Davis stop for 1 yd loss by Holmes

2 Play fake Giants blitz Banks avoid sack scrambles back to LOS gains 1 yd

3 pass to Gardner gains 8 yd 4th down

4 punt bounces to Tiki Barber who picks it up and gets sandwiched.

1st down giants 35

1 Comella gains 6 on swing pass stopped by R Jones

2 Daynes bounces outside for 9 yd gain

3 1st at skins 49 Dayne up the gut for 6 yds

End of 1st quarter

2nd quarter

1 2nd and 4 at 44 pitch right to Dayne for minus 2 yds stopped by Darrell Green

2 3rd and 6 timeout giants

3. pass to Toomer incomplete Darrell Green was step for step with him

4. Punt goes into endzones for touchback

5 Skins 1st and ten at the 20

1 S Davis stopped for a loss by Strahan and Sehorn

2 and 12 S Davis runs for 2 yds Stopped by Strahan 3rd and 10

3 Pass to KJ Carter underneath incomplete would ve gained only 6 yds if caught

4 41 yd Punt to Tiki barber faircaught at the Giants 38


1 Playaction pass of 17 yards caught by Toomer

2 Fela flicker fumbled but recovered Dayne to Collins Collins falls on it Smith falls on him

3 2nd and 27 4 yd pass to Tiki stopped by Central Mac

4 3rd and 23 Skins line up 3 linemen pass to Jurevicious gains 11 4th down

5 Shank punt of 18 yards by Williams

Skins ball 1st & 10 at the skins 30

1. 8 man line by giants flase start on Banks

2 1 and 15 S Davis runs left for 4 yards

3 2nd and 11 pass to Gardner incomplete covered by Sehorn

4 3rd and 11 Banks rolls right avoids Sehorns blitz pass too short

4 Barker punt to Tiki returned 9 yds stopped by B Johnson clipped not called


1 down pass knocked down by K Lang

2 pass to Toomer caught Terrell strips ball but it goes out of bound gain of 13 1st down at 47

3 Timeout Skins

[edited.gif by NavyDave on October 28, 2001.]

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I'm optimistic to a degree because I think some of the guys are bucking the system and intend to take the blinders off and make plays for themselves. However...

A timeout on 3rd and 2 to set up a screen to a covered TE (Flemister) who would have been tackled 2 yards short of the sticks had he caught it??? Then to see Marty encouraging Banks about how great that call was when Banks was obviously livid about it (was he more mad at a his poor throw or the horrid play call?) Seems like status quo, defunct business as usual with the coaches - but not so with the players who are really creating.

We can win to the extent that our guys throw off the shackles of this oppressive system and make some plays on their own ala last weeks late explosion, and today's turnover created TD, and Metcalf's return. A little ad-libbing and run created play action to Rod/Westy can go a long way to opening this game up behind a healthy dose of Davis.

Finally a Marty "the GM" acquisition contributes ;-)

[edited.gif by Stormy on October 28, 2001.]

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