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Who will Brennan resemble as an NFL QB?  

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  1. 1. Who will Brennan resemble as an NFL QB?

    • Kurt Warner-Has to be in the right system but can excel if given a chance
    • Danny Wuerffel-Great college QB but lacks arm strength and mechanics to prosper
    • Tom Brady-6th round gem, franchise qb
    • Jon Kitna-Will be good or bad enough to keep both teams in any game
    • Drew Brees-Not the prototype but eventually can be a star

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I'm guessing its somewhere between 3trillion and 7trillion dollars spent to fix this problem. But have you EVER known a Government agency to NOT spend money it has been allocated?

At what point do you say that money has no meaning anymore?

At what point to you say we could have paid off every failed mortgage in full.

At what point do you point out that your supposed to take the problem and find the best possible solution based on a formula of cost vs. reward?

In 2008-2009 I personally believe we have spent so much money that we have fulfilled the requirement for everyone to switch to the Euro. The point of staying with the dollar is no gone. We are just printing money.


****** CNN Money ******


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I think i heard last night that we will be hitting 9 Trillion dollars at this point.

At this point each Adult could have received 40k each


If they just gave every adult in 2008 40,000 dollars I'm pretty sure foreclosures would have stopped immediately. (2 adult houses at 80k and the House across from me would have gotten 200k).

The banks would have received the money from the mortgage holders (fannie/freddie/BOA etc) no banks going under.

The restaurants and private plane manufacturers etc. would be thriving. no 7 million jobs lost.

The Car industry wouldn't need a lease plan: They'd be flush with cash.

But hey at least some of you (other than me: bitter party of one) will get 600$. Don't stash it under the mattress it'll cost us another 3 trillion.

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Honestly, I dont think you have it going high enough to account for the spending we will ultimately see.

At this point, we must accept that it wont stop until the people get angry enough to demand change.

It's a darned shame that the "change" that was advertised and that so many people hoped, prayed, and voted for, meant "changing" to some of the highest levels of spending we have ever known.

Woe to our nation and I pray that it turns around before its too late.

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When Japan (kinda) exited the lost decade, their debt was 150-160% GDP.


Note publicly held debt doesn't account for the debt held by Social Security, so our numbers on that chart should be worse.

Total national debt is around 10 trillion, current GDP is 13 trillion. So add 10 trillion to our national debt and we will be at their ratio of indebtedness.

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