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Non-Football: Capitals Appear To Be Spectators Again......


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after a failed playoff run that resulted in yet another close loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins, Capitals' owner Ted Leonsis promised fans the team would be active in the offseason to try and improve the team.

So far, the Capitals have done little in the opening round of moves including the NHL draft and the first weeks' worth of trades.

The Capitals have one of the oldest teams in the NHL and unfortunately the team's best players, Kolzig (31), Bondra (33), Oates (38 and Linden (31)look to be nearing the point where a final run needs to be made or a breakup of the team should occur while these players and others still have value.

This year's draft perhaps provided some future depth but there doesn't look to be any performers that will help the club in 2001-2. Ditto for the farm club and juniors where Kris Beech and others appear a ways away from being ready for the NHL.

So, the issue becomes are the Capitals serious about contending in 2001-2 or is all this posturing merely going to result in a couple of minor deals to acquire a veteran wing or center later in the summer in case the $3 million option on Adam Oates is not picked up?

That merely keeps the team going sideways.

In my opinion the Capitals don't have the core of talent to challenge the better teams in the NHL next year. They don't have the youth or depth that New Jersey has. They don't have the skill players that Colorado or St. Louis or Dallas have.

The Capitals core is their goaltender, Olaf Kolzig. He is the one player on their team that is recognized as one of the best at his position and is still at 31 likely to remain so for the next few years.

If I were the Capitals GM I would look to unload some of the veteran players acquired in the past few years and make this team younger. Peter Bondra at 33 is too old to depend on as the offensive linchpin. He is more valuable to the team long term in a trade.

The only way the Capitals are going to get a legitimate superstar player is by spending megabucks in free agency for a Joe Sakic or Jaromir Jagr or by drafting that type of player with a top 5 pick.

With the team's finances being what they have been, the second route seems the more realistic.

While trading veterans for youngsters and picks might not sound too exciting for 2001-2 it is the right thing to do, given the fact this aging team might have plateaued this season with this crop of players.

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As a followup to my post above, Larry Wigge of TSN gave the Capitals the lowest score in the recent NHL draft, a C-, noting that they were one of the teams not to address their most pressing developmental need, the need to add future goal scorers.

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What I don't unerstand is why didn't the Caps make the moves the Isles made on draft day and before?

The only thing left for them to do now is to pursue a Jagr or a Lindros otherwise Caps fans are supposed to think another year of grind it out tough defense will suffice instead of a consistent offensive effort from the team



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