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ESPN: Mosley: T.O. inspired by local columnist


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T.O. inspired by local columnist

November 25, 2008

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

IRVING, Texas -- Wearing a blue T-shirt that read, "iLove Me Some Me," Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens held court for about 30 minutes Tuesday at his locker. He spent a good portion of his weekly news conference explaining how difficult it is to beat press coverage when a team's playing Cover 2. And he said his age (almost 35) had nothing to do with his declining numbers before the 49ers rolled into town.

Some of you have accused the NFC Beast of making too many editorial comments, so let me simply provide a portion of Tuesday's conversation with T.O.:

Did you see this much press coverage in your early days?

T.O.: [Expletive], I got jammed when I was in San Fran and Philly. But I think you guys want to make a point of saying I get jammed a lot here. I got jammed in San Fran and I got jammed in Philly. But being that I'm 34, y'all want to say I can't get off the jam. I understand that.

But T.O., you're about to turn 35.

T.O.: OK, OK, it don't matter. I'm 34 and I just had 212 yards. Now what? I'm just saying, how about that?

Can you get off a jam better now than 5-10 years ago?

T.O.: Yeah. It ain't no difference. Dude, if you've watched any games, any DB, if you give someone help ... ask any of the DBs in the room, if you got help over the top and they tell you to disrupt the guy's timing, then they're going to do whatever they can to do that. For me, I have to be counterproductive and a little bit more patient in my releases. I've done that and things have been kind of working out here lately.

Are you tired of being your own defense attorney?

T.O.: You guys are going to say what you want to say. It is what it is. According to [Dallas Morning News columnist] Jacques [Taylor], I was done, I was washed up, I don't got it any more.

So did that bother you, T.O.?

T.O.: Naw, I didn't hear about it 'til after the game. It doesn't bother me. I know what I can do.

Who told you about the column?

T.O.: I don't reveal my sources.

Folks, you heard it here first. T.O. has learned that the best way to beat a jam is to be "counterproductive." It's something I'd never heard before today's session.

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TO jammed the CB every time he went out in coverage. that nice little stiff arm he threw gave him at least 2 yards seperation.

Very true. For whatever reason, TO is still the darling of the NFL refs. If he were ever called for 50% of the infractions he's guilty of, he'd be on the bench.

And yet, puke fans can't see it.

Blind homers.

The whole lot.

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