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Redskins Add Offensive Lineman


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Redskins sign new offensive lineman Alex Sulfsted.

2001 NFL Draft: ALEX SULFSTED, Offensive line Height: 6:04.1. Weight: 322.


Positives…Massive blocker with good flexibility and knee bend for a player of his size...Gets a good surge out of his initial step off the line, snapping his hands up quickly to get into the defender’s chest...Shows the strength and leg drive to gain movement in the short areas...Shows good in-line finishing skills and could possibly shift to guard at the pro level...Walls off and screens the defenders well as a trap blocker...Works to finish his blocks once he engages the opponent...Has that aggressive nature and punishing hand punch to lock out the edge rushers.

Negatives…Has only adequate quickness coming out of his stance...Very inconsistent rolling his hips and striking on contact...Prefers to lean into the defender rather than using his power to ride the man out...Drops his head on contact, making him susceptible to the defender’s hand swipes... Lacks fluid change-of-direction agility working in space...Struggles with his feet, keeping his base too narrow in pass protection...Has a limited power base and can be knocked off stride moving upfield...Gives up too much inside leverage vs. the bull rush...Too heavy-legged to recover on counter moves...Has a lot of growing up to do off-field...Not sure if he wants to dedicate the time in the weight room to improve his conditioning...On more than one occasion, the coaching staff has had to sit down with him to stress the importance of playing up to his abilities...Shies away from playing with minor injuries...Lacks instincts and awareness on the field and it also transcends into the classroom, where he has had problems staying “motivated” (really a smart kid with a good Wonderlic score - 25- but just does not seem to apply himself)...While he has had no off-field problems, he comes from a very wealthy family and being an only child, has been pampered (thus leading to maturity issues)...Has had weight problems in the past and needs to be put in a structured environment where the coaches will give him the “tuff love” that he needs to realize his potential (weighed as much as 340 pounds last spring and entered school after entering school as a 255-pound freshman).


Three-year starter on what is regarded as one of the top offensive line units in college football during that era...Plays the demanding left tackle position...Developed solid trap blocking skills opening up holes for tailback Travis Prentice earlier in his career and then showed his pass bklocking ability protecting quarterback Mike Bath when the team emphasized the passing game in his final year...Earned 28 starts in 33 contests

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Sounds like an interesting prospect. Some of his negatives would lead me to believe he has a better chance at guard; a lot of the others are the types of weaknesses that can be eliminated or at least improved with good coaching, if the guy is willing to learn. Unfortunately, I'm not at all convinced that Joe Pendry can provide the kind of coaching that the kid needs frown.gif.

I wonder about some of this writer's analysis. The bit about the wealthy family plus only child equals pampered and immature seems a little too pat for me. Does he actually have some first hand knowledge of Sulfsted's personality (doubt it), or is he relying on assumption, rumor and innuendo (more likely)? Does anyone know when and why the Pack cut him? Has he spent any time with any other clubs in the interim?

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everyone knows that the Bengals and Cowboys are the Redskins new farm teams laugh.gif

unfortunately we never seem to go after that last player cut from the Rams, Titans, Ravens or Broncos....teams that consistently win year to year............

we are always after guys that are cut from the "frozen tundra" of the NFL these days..................

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