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Chicago Sun-Times: Money spent on Defense vs. NFL Rank


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A guy I know who is a big Bears fan sent me this earlier. Their site isn't working so I couldn't get a link, but I found it to be very interesting.

Good article in the Chicago Sun-Times today about highest paid defenses in the NFL. The Ravens have about 60% of their salary cap invested in DEF and they are ranked #2 defense. The Bears have the 2nd most at about 47% invested and they rank 18th. The Redskins are 3rd invested and are ranked 4th. The Packers are 4th and their defense ranks 20th. The Chargers are 5th but rank 26th in defense.

Percentage of money invested in Defense

1. Ravens Defense ranks 2nd

2. Bears Defense ranks 18th

3. Redskins Defense ranks 4th

4. Packers Defense ranks 20th

5. Chargers Defense ranks 26th

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