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This unit is killing the team. I think Suisham has been decent. But PR team has been horrible with the exception of Moss' TD against the Lions. Randle El has done nothing. KR coverage has been terrible. We given up multiple TD's on this unit this year. And last night, we give up the punt block that led to points. Anyone think Danny Smith/Zorn need to make some changes to personnel on the ST unit?

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The blocked punt happened right in front of me..

I noticed two things:

1.) The left side of the line just collpased, I have no idea what happened. I just so an onlsaught of white shirts.

2.) Plackemier has the slowest wind up I have ever seen in a punter. He is a good 1-2 seconds slower than Frost or Brooks.

It is no wonder Seattle (pardon the pun) gave him the boot early this year.

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