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Going to first game monday


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I just received tix to the monday night game and was wondering if i could get a heads up on a few things, I will be coming up from va beach, wondering best place to park if the parking passes are worth the money. I also have tailgate club tix and wondered what former players showed up, and any reviews on it



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Yeah, I'll be going to my first game this year too on Monday. My first game ever was years ago when we beat Dallas 20-17 (I was pretty young and dont remember much). Then I went to the home game against Dallas in 2004, Chicago in 2005, and Minnesota in 2006. So, were 2-2 with me in the building. ;)

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For one game, unless you or someone with you has a problem with a little walking I'd say take the metro to Morgan Boulevard and walk to the stadium. Much cheaper than the $40 cash lot, unless of course you have like at least 4 people to split the parking with, then it's only like a $5 per person difference and I'd rather pay an extra $5 and park in cash and shuttle to the stadium if I was you.

Tailgate club, I've been to it twice, Dallas 2005 and last week. Dallas 2005 it was Mark Mosely and Ralph MacKenzie, they were cool as hell. Last week it was a couple guys I never heard of and I actually didn't end up having time to get their autographs cause of caricatures and eating and everything.

Oh and to jaydogg, I'm not completely sure on all of this, but I know it's part of some lower level seats. I'm pretty sure that when they call you before you come up on the list for upper levels and ask if you want to pay a **** load of money to start in the lower level right away the tailgate club is part of that.

By the way, for the tailgate club you should get there really really early(like as soon as it opens) and go straight to the caricatures, they're cool as hell if you come up with a good idea haha... I got mine in an 89 jersey making a diving catch in the dallass end zone and my cousin got his in a 30 jersey holding up a tore up blue 81 jersey with bits of popcorn flying around... He didn't ask for the popcorn thing, but when she was drawing it someone was like "Oh who is it, Romo sits to pee?" and I said no, TO and she goes "Oh, TO, is he the one that does the popcorn thing?" and I was like "yea he says 'get your popcorn ready' all the time." So yea get there really early and you'll be able to get one and still have plenty of time for everything else.



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