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Seriously....No Fable 2 Thread?


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Search came up zilch.

I can't believe this game hasn't gotten talked up more on here. I'm absolutely loving it. The combat is good, the story is great and I love the graphics. This is the 2nd best game to come out on XBox this year (GTA IV is incredible). If you go to the lionhead.com official forums and see some of the crazy things you can do in the game, it's pretty hilarious.

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I'm just started up in Fable 2 but I'm digging it. I love RPGs and I liked Fable 1 a lot and ended up playing through it a couple times. Fable 2 so far seems to be an improvement in a few significant ways, especially the graphics (not that I'm graphics obsessed - I prefer high frame rate and clean images).

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