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  1. I've always believed these were our absolute best uniforms, and it's always nice to see one of my two favorite players sporting them. The shades of red and yellow are perfection, and the white pops. The shoulders, the logos, the font... ? It's all just too good.
  2. Personally, while I really like Doug Williams, I never had a real sense of what his specific role was. Not sure if his new role is a demotion, a lateral move, or what, but at least his job duty is specific: "Doug will be... making sure that all of our players have the guidance and resources needed to be successful on and off the field." Sounds kind of like a mentor-type role where he can advocate for players. Losing Schaeffer seems like a big deal based on Keim's comments that he's the smartest guy in the room, but really, this position is just about managing the cap and signing pl
  3. Sadly, I feel very much the same. I've been following the team since '87, I've seen almost every game since then, and I will of course continue to follow them. I admit I've tried a few times to start following other teams and to forget about the Redskins, but I can never follow another team for more than a few games, and I can never make myself miss a single Redskins game. Despite this, my level of passion, as you say, has definitely dropped over time. Then in 2012, for the first time in a long time, I really felt it. Even early on when we were losing, I felt it. I was excited to just watc
  4. I can only hope. I *love* the yellow pants. My wife often jokes I only watch the Redskins because I love the colors. That's not true, but it helps. To me, this is about as good as it gets. I would use it for home and away, haha.
  5. Thank you so much! StreamTorrent is working so well right now!
  6. My veetle feed just cut to the niners! Lame. Back to regular streaming video quality.
  7. I quit the very good feed I was using to switch to veetle. This is amazing.
  8. Joeknows, it's a nice effort but for those of us on Mac, web links are what we need. I signed up for HomerTV a little over a week ago. Hopefully (when I'm approved) that'll keep me going through the rest of the season. JustinTV was so good today, too, until it cut out! The clarity was like watching SDTV.
  9. I've been checking that off-and-on all day. Like you, I used that last week. I wish that stream torrent stuff worked for mac.
  10. What a crap game. Still, rocketcityskins, thanks for helping us out. I really appreciated it. As for the NFL, they've shown they can stream games on-line. We can watch SNF on-line -- for free. So why can't they have a $2.00 - $5.00 option for every other game? And, just to be more fair to the NFL, we could even say that the on-line, pay stream doesn't go live until the game sells out -- and only works outside the radius of the two teams' cities. What's the problem here, NFL? Not everyone has satellite or whatever. Give us a break.
  11. thank you! :D :D Great link, except for the fan commentary, haha. (I suppose I should have quoted the clue you posted, not this line, but whatever. Haha.)
  12. I would also greatly appreciate a PM with a link to the game if someone finds it, but it looks like live video is done for the day. That sucks.
  13. As long as he doesn't forget that the Redskins are on when he's channel surfing, he can do it for all I care. I'd rather watch a minute of another game then commercials for Windows 7.
  14. Yes! Thank you! Now, please, stay up for the entire game Mr. Link. I would appreciate that greatly!
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