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Looking at this loss in a positive light ...


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I just wanted to make this thread, and I'm pretty surprised that I don't see quite as many negative threads this morning as I expected to before I got to work (and I didn't look on ES last night at all).

Yes, I'm pissed that we lost. It is bugging the crap out of me, especially seeing the highlights of yesterdays game everywhere.

But I'm trying to see this as a potentially good loss for the skins. Why you ask?

I see it as kind of a wakeup call. As much as I dislike brian mitchell's "analysis" of the game, I agreed with a lot of his postgame analysis. I think that the skins got to overconfident and were playing with a little too much confidence, thinking they are better than they actually are. Their mental focus wasn't in the right mindset.

I also agreed that he said this loss is going to make everyone - the media, the fans, everyone - second guess the skins. This is when the skins play the best so far this year, when they are being questioned as to whether or not they are doing good. I think next week, they are going to come out very hungry and feel as though they have something to prove to everybody, which can be a good thing for their focus.

Other than the loss, I saw a LOT of good come out of this game. Pretty much other than the fumbles, the skins played pretty damn well. The dropped INT's also need to be worked on. Other than those 2 areas they did pretty well IMO. But those turnovers are what lost this game for the skins unfortunately :(

SO yes, while it sucks they lost this weekend, I am trying to view this as a "good loss" in the light that it may be a wakeup call for the skins, and I will be at fedex this weekend rooting for the skins hoping to see them go 6-2!


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