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Brightseat Parking


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No worse than any other lot. I parked there all last season and will this year too. The only reason I wont this week is cause i got a parking pass with the ticket package i bought for this week. so much space space to set up your stuff, its awesome. close walk to stadium. plenty of port a potties. I loved it last year. It was $25 to start the season but as the season went on it got up to $30 for the last game or two (maybe $35 for Dallas game).

Take a slow walk after the game back to your car. Watch the players walk out of the stadium for a bit, throw a ball around while everyone else honks their horn or fire up another burger on the grill. By the time youre done eating, all the people that try to get home in 10 minutes will be gone and you'll cruise right out. I did every time last season.

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Its cool. But leaving is a nightmare. i think its $25.
If you leave immediately after the final gun and walk quickly, you can be on 202 15 min after starting your car. I sin in Row 29, so I have just about the furthest walk of anyone in the stadium. If you meander back, you will be stuck in traffic. I pregame like a mofo, but I do not postgame at all.
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