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Art, Darrell, and the Redskins: Transcending Football


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Dude...I'm not gonna lie...

I've never been more proud to be a Redskin Fan as I am right now. After watching those videos and reading that article, I know now there is no other team that should ever receive my devotion.


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Jay Schroeder made one helluva throw on that first TD pass to Monk, I gotta admit...But damn, that was NICE watching the "real time" highlights of both Monk and Green :applause: :cheers:...I remember both games, so those videos brought back a lot of memories.

Schroeder had over 4,000 yards passing that year and made the Pro Bowl (as did Monk, Clark, Green, Grimm, Jacoby, and Manley). We went 12-4 with 2 losses to the Giants (3 counting the NFC championship game). Too bad they had our number, or else the '86 team would get more respect. But we won it all the next year, so I guess it's all good.

I hope those videos stay on you tube longer than some others have.

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