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A contract proposal for Banks

Guest The Angry Buddha

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Guest The Angry Buddha

2 years, $1 million, $1 million signing bonus. Base salary of $500K in both years.

Escalators (same in both years):

1. Start 14 games-- $500K (likely)

2a. Throw 15 TD passes-- $500K (likely)

2b. Throw 20 TD passes-- $1 million

3a. Finish with QB rating of 85 or higher-- $1 million.

3b. Finish in top 5 QBs in the NFC based on rating-- $1 million.

4a. Finish with 3000 yards passing-- $1 million. (likely)

4b. Finish with 3500 yards passing-- $1.5 million.

5a. Complete 58% of passes-- $500K (likely)

5b. Complete 60% of passes-- $1 million

6. Make Pro Bowl-- $1 million


LIKELY CONTRACT PAY-OUT-- $7 million over two years

Banks gets a two year audition with the same team and the same offensive system, with a potentially big pay-out that is cap friendly to the team. He will also be eligible for unrestricted free agency when he is 31. It is unlikely that he would get much more than a base contract offer elsewhere given his output this year, and highly unlikely that another team would offer him a big incentives package.

This plan also gives Sage two more years to develop, or a rookie two years to learn from the bench. The team will also be free to dump him with minimal cap impact if he nosedives in the 2002 preseason, and especially after 2002 if his development halts.

Thoughts about whether this scenario would be appealing to you Banks haters, as well as whether Banks would even go for something like this???

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More accurately, VoR, we've seen how Banks has handled Westbrook, which is to say not at all.


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I'm mixing apples and oranges a bit but.....

Your term "likely".

In contracts, "likely to meet" incentives are those the player had reached the year before and should reasonably be expected to meet again. At least that what I remember hearing. And Likely to meet incentives count on the current salary cap.

Unlikely to meet incentives, such as the "1 million dollar bonus for catching a TD pass" in Stephan Davis's one year contact before he signed the long term deal are those the player did not reach in the previous year. Since Davis hadn't caught a Td pass (despite rushing for 24), it was an "unlikely to meet incentive". Unlikely to meet incentives are pushed back to the following year's salary cap I think.

Now I don't know Banks stats, but is he really close to throwing for 3000 yds.? Or complete 58 percent of his passes? Otherwise that's an "Unlikely to meet" incentive.

Heck, if he makes the pro bowl, I'd give him a 2 or 3 million bonus. smile.gif


I agree Vor. After Westbrook converting over to an incentive laden contract, would you after how he's been used?

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That would be a great contract if he would sign it. At worst, we're paying 1 million dollars a year for a quality back up. At best, 8 mill for an All-Pro. Not bad for either side.

Wow. I remember when it was a HUGE deal that the 49ers were paying Steve Young a million a year to back up Montana. From Young to Banks. A dollar doesn't go nearly as far as it used to.

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Guest The Angry Buddha

If Banks isn't willing to sign an incentive laden deal similar to this one, then even I don't want him. He has to realize that his numbers this season haven't earned him anything except for another short audition with the same team. If he thinks he's going to get any more than this, then let him walk and find a replacement.


Since I was at work and didn't have the definitions in front of me, consider "likely" used in the nontechnical sense. It's my personal opinion that he can start 14 games, throw 15 TDs for 3000 yards, and complete 58% of his passes. He has achieved each of these milestones at some point in his career-- just not all in one season. Check his career stats and you might be surprised.


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Prediction: (hey I'm 50-50, so I aint so bad smile.gif ) (Green fooled me, but Westbrook won't)

Banks is offered a "2nd place slot on the QB bench" which he rejects and like George, he watches with TIVO.

We bring a vet QB, but we give up something, because all our tangible trade baiters are gone by way of FA.

We take 3 DL in the draft and attempt to sign a young WR that comes along on FA. We elevate Thompson to a #1 slot and it is like a Stephen Davis dream.

Westbrook is courted by the Giants, SF, Oakland, Cleveland, Miami and Cincinnati. St. Louis and Indianpolis say no.

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