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IMAX v. traditional theater

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So what's up w/ the IMAX theaters? How are they different from a traditional movie theater? Are they more expensive.

A guy at work asked me If I was going to see the new Batman flick....of course my response was yes!

He said he will be going to it at the IMAX in chantilly....said it is a much better experience. Said the screen was much larger and the sound was much better.

Anyone here have any experiences at the IMAX in chantilly? recommend it?

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I saw transformers in IMAX and will see TDK in IMAX.

I heard there might be some extended sequences in the Imax version (don't quote me on it tho), but no "additional scenese"

If you want big and huge sound, IMAX is the way to go. On the other hand, the standard theater is the way the film was intended to be viewed. (IMAX is more squared than standard wide screen theaters),

***Nevertheless, Nolan did direct this to be seen both in IMAX and in Standard. So both should be great.

IMAX is more expensive, but the sound and the GIGANTIC screen are worth it, IMO.

You can't go wrong both ways.

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Seen a couple movies in IMAX....problem is, if you sit too close, you can't see ****, especially if it's an action movie like The Dark Knight. Everything will be just a blur. So either sit in the back or see it in a regular theater/

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