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Huff/NY Post: Lara Logan, Michael Ware Involved in steamy Iraq love triangle.


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Lara Logan, Michael Ware Involved In Steamy Baghdad Love Triangle

Huffington Post | June 26, 2008 08:42 AM

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CBS' Lara Logan was involved in a Baghdad love triangle with a married US State Department contractor and CNN international correspondent Michael Ware, the New York Post reports.

This week's National Enquirer reported the news of Logan's Baghdad sex life, and implicated her as the cause of the State Department contractor's divorce. And while it named the contractor — Joe Burkett — it only described Ware as a "star CNN correspondent." The Post reports his name in Thursday's paper:

Passions got so hot in the combat zone that one of her lovers, Joe Burkett, brawled in a Baghdad "safe house" with her other paramour, CNN war reporter Michael Ware, a source said.

A close pal of Logan, who confirmed the allegations to The Post, said Burkett's marriage to Kimberly was already finished six months before they sparked up a relationship.

"She is not the cause of their divorce," the friend told The Post yesterday.

"It was going to happen."

The pal also said Logan was particularly hurt by the comments because she had met Kimberly Burkett and thought the two were "friendly."

As for the other claims, pals admitted that Logan had a one-time fling with CNN reporter Ware - but denied that there was any sort of fight between him and Burkett in Baghdad.

"There was no screaming match," the pal said.

Source: NY/Huff Post




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