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The Shield Ended?


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Hey I searched for the "Official Shield Thread" and couldn't find it. I just tried to find out info regarding a new season only to find the show was cancelled. They didn't say anything about a final season. Did they do a final season or did it end w/ Mackey not going to his hearing?

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damn i thought it started this month.........no i believe cavanaugh is gone.......but they might have in in the first couple eposides to wrap things up

I thought things were pretty much wrapped up with Cavanaugh. According to Capt. Wimms he was in jail.

Glad to hear there is one more season. I didn't realize they were ending the series. After further investigating on my part last night, I discovered the show was to end after the 6th season but they decided to do one more.

Like previously mentioned the final season will air beginning in September with 13 episodes. Looking forward to it.

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Whitaker was great on that show

He was terrific, I totally agree, but his character was utterly loathsome.

The last few seasons have been really hard to watch at times with Vic having to fend off challenges on all sides. I'd like him to ride out the final season kicking arse back out on the street, which is when this show is at its best.

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