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Congrats Eagles. Basically, a Miserable Game for the Skins.....


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Well with 00:30 left in the 4th Quarter, I turned to the other side of the big screen where the Eagles fans were all seated, and calmly shook their hands and told them, nice win and all that, yet ever since doing that I still can't get the notion out of my head that we GAVE THIS GAME AWAY....I know a lot of my points are probobaly moot, because they have been posted 10000 times already, but I am a west coaster, I just got home, so cut me some slack eh?

First of all, if ANYONE was looking for a prime reason that Banks cannot get the job done, well I hope this game showed you that. Watching a few replays on his interceptions you can clearly see that #2 and #3 recievers were wide open....(There were a few dropped passes that hurt also)

How many times in the first half, did we drive into or just beyond the Eagles' red zone and come away with ZERO points!?! Yah, I know Philly's defense is no pushover, but puuuhlease, even Eagles fans watching the game at the sports bar admitted that most of the "defensive" stops were due to bad play calling and offensive mistakes.

Offense unable to capitalize on turnovers. Wow, what we snatched the ball from the Eagles how many times today, and what did we have to show for it....NADA...(even though I totally marked out for Darrel Green's pickoff)

Ok this last one(and I am sure there are more, but I have said enough) INABILITY TO STOP BIG PLAYS. Now yes, throughout some of the game our defense was fired up, but Constantly in the 2nd half we would set up the Eagles in 3rd and Long, wait no, 3rd and Loooooooooooooooong....situations and they would convert every single one of them. WHY WHY WHY, are we unable to prevent this conversions!?! Oh and a side note, Why was SMoot lined up as a safety on the TD Pass, oh and why did we go to Zone coverage when the Eagle Recievers were UNABLE to shake off our corners on man to man coverage!?! Arghhhhh, ok so I went on a little longer, but watching yesterdays game was just one big frustration, Later


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