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Greetings ES members.

I am right now searching for a hat that was available a few years ago. It had a feather going along both sides of it I believe. Here is a pic of it, on the far left, #56.

*pic removed*

If anyone has it, I'd be willing to buy it or possibly make a trade. Post or PM me if you're interested or know where I could buy one.

Thanks! :cheers:



Ok, I'm willing to make a trade with any ES member that would like this necklace. I bought it from this site about a week ago and just got it a few days ago. I've worn it minimally since then and am willing to part with it for this hat. It is in great condition and looks great!

If anyone would purchase this hat from the site posted below, I would then ship you this necklace, along with $6. (Hat price + S&H - Necklace sale price + $.01)

Here is the site that I bought the necklace from.


Here is the site that is posted below with the hat.


Post or PM if interested! Thanks again!

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