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well, if Kennedy is negotiating with NO than he is showing that he is willing to settle for being the #3 tackle, at least on a winning team.

After watching tonight's game, it may appear to some that the offensive line is our gravest concern. But I still think the DL is in worse shape.

The starting five of Samuels, Jansen, Raymer, Campbell and Szott is a good one and the offensive front will stabilize once they have had some time to work together. Unfortunately, Marty has not made continuity his top priority even before Chris got hurt.

All the competition in camp has resulted in few surprises in the starting lineup. The new faces among the starters are just who we thought they might be in the beginning, Gardner and Smoot. Seemingly, Terrell is still ahead of Lyle as well.

But that's about it. Once the opener comes, we are going with the vets as starters on both lines and the preseason has shown that at DT and OL (outside of center) we have precious little depth.

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Hmm. Salibation time. How do we convince a slab of a man to check out the Skins facilities, rib houses and fresh air in southern Virginny??? Not to mention the seafood and a nice bonus, based on his performance by mid-season (enough to get us through at least the first 8 games evil.gif )

We have more WR's than we need. We need a DT and at least a good OG backup..I like the DT first at this point, since STUFFING the run forces the Norvals to be preditable

(more evil)

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Ben Coleman's mystery knee injury and slow rehab have put the team behind the eight ball in terms of time.

Coleman was slated to start at one guard spot and backup the tackles as well. That's why he got the signing bonus from Marty in the offseason.

Instead we had to audition the youngsters for his spot and upon finding out they were not ready, had to sign Dave Szott who is not yet in football shape.

I agree that the offensive line will improve over time as the starters settle in.

I don't see anyone on the defensive line who is playing well outside of Dorian Boose in the first two quarters tonight. Of course the fact the Patriots line was starting its #3 tackle on that side could have had something to do with that mismatch as well.

The age on the defensive line is troubling when you are looking down the barrel of a 16 game schedule.

Even with the changes, Szott is the only projected starter on the OL that is over 30.

On the defensive line, everyone EXCEPT Lang is over 30 or will be 30 during the season.

We might need to move fast after Sunday's cuts.

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We need a strong line for Marty's Ball control offense to work. If Stephen Davis (who has looked pretty mediocore this preseason) only gets 2-3 yards on 1st and 2nd down, George will be facing the blitz on many third downs. Right now I have to agree that the offensive line is our biggest weakness.


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Samuels may return for game against the Bolts but the question will still be how well the interior handles the pass rush.

J George better start using audibles when there is 8 in the box

I get tired of hearing fans say we made a mistake releaing Simms and TreJ one is done for good and Tre J ha been injured consistently in his career and unless he was going to take a major cut in pay he had to go.


Take a sip of the Marty Kool Aid and Believe

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