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3 weeks until coaching changes or maybe tommorrow!


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My favorite time of year, coaching changes. Since I posted last about this some coaches have save their sorry asses.

Definite Firings:

1. Dolphins- Cam Cameron, could be gone by tommorrow!

Possible Firings:

1. Ravens- Brian Billick. Despite a contract extension last year; the Raven suck this year. That superbowl win was long ago. It maybe time for a change in Baltimore.

2. Bengals- Marvin Lewis. He may have peaked 2 years ago with that 11-5 playoff appearance. Mike Browns hangs on to coaches longer than most but it maybe the time to cut Marvin loose.

3. Panthers- John Fox. Panthers unlikely to make the playoffs. Should be time for a change, especially with Bill cowher living in town.

4. 49ers- Mike Nolan. A team that was supposed to rise; instead collasped. After 3 years, Mike could be gone.

5. Rams- Scott Linehan. That 0-8 start didn't help; though the Rams have played better down the stretch. He could be fired or be given one more shot.

6. Raiders- Lane Kiffin. With Al Davis; you never know.

Conditional Firings:

1. Giants- If The Giants were to totally collasp and miss the playoffs; then Tom Coughlin would be fired. Otherwise, he should be back next year.

Possible retirements:

1. Eagles- Andy Reid. It has been said he's coming back but it wouldn't be shocking if he and the Eagles part ways and Andy spends quality family time before coming back to the NFL.

2. Redskins- A dissappointing season so far, overshadowed by tragedy. Gibbs needs to retire. Will he realize, he's holding the team back? Will he come back for his 5th year? Stay tuned to "As the Skins Turns".

3. Seahawks- Holmgren may decide to retire after a playoff run.

4. Colts- Dungy almost hung it up last year, after winning the bowl. He could decide to do it this year; especially if they were to win it all this year.

Should Retire:

1. Mike Shahannon. Those Elway lead superbowls are 10 years ago. How long can he still have a job and not really do much since?

It doesn't look like the changes will be as much as I thought earlier in the year. Only one that should be a lock- Dolphins.

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