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Campbell And the Offensive Line


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I was suprised to read about the rookie Brandt's college days. Not only has a started a ton of games in a tough conference, he holds most of the weight lifting records at Michigan as well.

If he's as smart and tenacious as they say he is, and if he and Jansen form a tandem over there....that would be sweet. If I were Jansen, I'd have his (Brandt) face planted in the playbook every night and would make sure I took a glance in his direction on every play. Hey..a chip block every now and then to help out wouldn't hurt anyone.

Certainly going to be interesting.

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Can you image if we had taken Hutch?

Samuels,Hutch,Raymer(for now),Brandt and Jansen?

I can dream.

Brandt if he starts this year as the road grating Guard can move back to Center next year and give us a nasty guy in the middle with a year of experience to build upon.

I wonder if there are any more starting O linemen leaving Michigan next year?


Take a sip of the Marty Kool Aid and Believe

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