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George Allen's ghost spotted in San Diego


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Speaking of the ghost, I'm not ready to give it up. . .

but from all I hear and see, they are loading up for bear and hitting on all cylinders out there.

I've no doubt Norv will be throwing the book at us, and while he wasn't a capable headcoach, he does do okay at playcalling. That combined with Flutie, who has always given the Redskins fits in recent years - and a more than capable defense, it may be a long afternoon out there. 'Hope not - but right now they appear miles ahead of us.

I would think the line would go off at Chargers -7.5.

[edited.gif by shamaran on August 30, 2001.]

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Om, thanks for posting that. That is definitely uplifting...even if its a tad early. I have already started to cross my fingers. If, God forbid, we do go 4 and 12 like some people around here have predicted, I hope we win this one(up yours Norv) the one at Lambeau(I will be there sitting next to my Packer fan buddy) and both the Cowboys games.


Randy Redskin

Fan for Life

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Don't assume anything, Larry.

I assumed that all the folks that post comments about the games here also saw them. I found out I was wrong. Very few have. Mostly heard radio, or from others, heard what they wanted to hear.

We may win 9.5 games (I don't know how) perhaps 9 wins and one tie? Marty would be lauded as Coach of The Year - for sure then!

Hey, the football is a funny shaped thing, strange things can happen, but to objectively look at this group thru the last few months (including preseason games) tells me they are very far from putting fear into any teams hearts.

Unless they get all healthy, get a couple more serviceable-to-good D-lineman that get cut or traded from elsewhere and get an exemtion from the league to play three or four more preseason games before they count, it doesn't look good (to me). But, heck, that's why they play the games.

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