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stub hub codes???


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Stubhub has blocked retailmenot from posting their codes. Does anyone have anything else current? I'm trying to buy as well. Thanks

Edit, I found one that works, EX23. It's only good for $10, but it's something.

Yes, EX23 is a winner. It expired like seven months ago, but apparently they forgot to turn it off. It still works for new accounts. It seems to be the only working code right now.

Here's a code site: http://www.boddit.com/coupons/stubhub.com

Ebay has a code too, but apparently it only applies to certain accounts:

10% off*—save up to $100

Redemption Code: CFALLSAVINGS10P

Please note:

Make sure the email address on your eBay account is also on your PayPal account.

Find out how.

Who's eligible?

Only invited, registered eBay users who receive the coupon by email from us or see the coupon in My eBay are eligible. Sorry, no forwarding—the coupon is not transferable See terms and conditions below.

Here's how to redeem this offer:

1. Start shopping on eBay. Be sure the seller accepts PayPal.

2. Pay for your item with PayPal before the expiration date (October 30, 2008). Make sure the email address on your eBay account is also on your PayPal account. Find out how.)

3. Enter the redemption code: CFALLSAVINGS10P

Edit: A member PMed me the following:

man i love you (no homo lol)

i used that code that you put out there for ebay.

saved me 70 bucks on steelers skins tickets.



So it might work even if you haven't received a notice from eBay

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