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Post of other NFL teams 'extreme' sites


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Good morning from Texas. Love living in Texas, but hate the cowboys. I was wondering if there is a site which has all of the other teams websites that are similar to the one we have here for the REDSKIN fans. I know someone almost always sends a link out to the 'soon to be' next victim of the Redskins home website (see Packerforum.com for this week), but I was wondering if there is a link to all of these sites out there somewhere? Would love to have these in one place and I apologize if this thread is already out there and I just couldn't find it. Its sometimes interesting to read whats going on at other sites and also see what kind of fans support their teams (most of what I have seen here is positive and the negative posts are at least usually justified by the poster and not just out in left field-which is what I see on most cowgirl sites).



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